A phrase which had now become more than a mantra. My artist name,Karpe Diem.When I first took on this phrase to be my artist name,this meant the world to me and it still does. But the value and the fire behind it had diminished. Did I have the same passion and love,to hold up the intent of that persona which I dreamt about and worked so hard at?I think so.

I still have so much music in me. In-fact, I have all my music in me. I have been so fragile and lost that I had completely forgot what got me started in this beautiful journey. So, here I am,a few years later, on a path which is far from the path I had started on. I had ended up on the easy path like so many people around me. Went with the drift of life's flow not for one second questioning it. This is where I fucked up and many of us do. Not for one second did i stop and question the destination. All that I was doing was not helping me reach my goals and destination. But here I am on September 5th, 2016, writing a new chapter in a new book. Not worrying for one second about the time that has been wasted but mindful of it. Not burdened by all the mistakes I had made in the past but gained knowledge from it. Not afraid of my bright and forthcoming future but excited and looking forward with passion and an open heart to it.

This my darling,is for us.Come with me on this epic journey where we will write history in a book called legacy where the giants too will bow down at the passion burning in our heart to SEIZE THE DAY.