Re Evaluate your day

Sometimes, you can get so lost in a path and not realize how far you have come but also - how far you have yet to go. You realize that you have to pause and figure out what doesn't fit the puzzle. If its an odd piece which has no bearing to finishing the puzzle, as hard as it is you get rid of it. It is imperative to make choices and align them to the vision and the goal that we have set. Of course no one is saying its easy and that is why it needs to be done. The hardest things are most often the right things. Below are the 5 things we can do every day to keep a tab on our steps -

1. Always plan your day ahead as much as you can - this leaves no room for wasting time and you have set goals and timelines to meet. Follow this religiously to make the best of of the day.

2. Start your day with your why - This should be the first thing you think about. Its so easy to lose track of this but it is the one thing that sets the energy for the day.

3. Meditate without fail - Learning how to focus determines your productivity and your productivity defines the quality of your work.

4. Use your body to energize your mind - A simple but effective trick. Raise your hands in the air to feel like a champion and embody that feeling and be a champion.

5. Re evaluate your day - A few good days a week is a good week. A few good weeks is a good month. Now do the math. Keep yourself accountable to make it a choice to make it a good day.