Overcommit to your Goals.

"The only real value we have as humans are the risks we are willing to take." - Ernest Hemingway

Over-committing to goals and opportunities come that come your way is a great way to cut the excuses and do the work. This not only requires a clear focus on the opportunity ahead but also requires that you use all your energy to go all in.

"Shoot for the stars, you will land on the moon."

Reaching for unrealistic goals sometimes sets the bar higher for the so called realistic goals. You raise your standards for yourself and those around you. What is acceptable and tolerable to you also go up. This means that there is no time to waste on things that no longer at par with your standards. You have a new standard for the goals that you have now set for yourself. These goals scare your friends and family. They will laugh at you, they will try to talk you out of it and try to talk you into their realities. But one thing you need to realize is that their reality is far from yours. You have a fire in your heart and a goal in sight. You will keep marching forward through the storms until the goal is reached.

This would mean that you will need to show up every day - rain or shine. You will commit to showing up and figuring out the how. Just know deep down that there are no mistakes - they are only ways in which it did not work. So you need to be creative. It doesn't matter when you reach your goals. All that matters is that you do.

Have patience at the macro level and a sense of urgency at the micro level.