"There is no failure or wrong. It is all leading you to the same destination" - Oprah W.

Life in its beautiful and organic ways has wisely placed certain experiences for you which are not so good in your journey,so that you can learn and course correct.For me,it was in the form of not making enough music,that had to be made for me to be sane and at peace. Something I've come to realize and really understand,though I had heard it a million times before, is that - " If you are not chasing your dreams and goals, you are committing a spiritual suicide". So even after being slightly off track, as devastated as I am,sick to my gut of the wasted time. I had come to realization that I am supposed to be in this low point because the only way now is up. Up towards the sky where our dreams lie. To be one with the stars and shine with the eternal light of happiness.

Its alright to have failed. But if we don't learn from it, the same experiences keep repeating itself until we learn. The same pain and same regrets fill your innocent heart which keeps whispering "You are better than this,you can change and be the best version of yourself". This is the promise I have made to myself and you my darlin', is that greatness will be shown every day in every endeavor.