"If you don't like the way the world is, you change it. You have an obligation to change it. You just do it one step at a time."

A lot of us know deep inside that what our true calling is, but we always end up waiting for that perfect time or opportunity. What we need to realize is that the perfect opportunity is right now and now and even now. You can make the moment you start the right opportunity. The stars do not need to align for you to start living your dreams. The stars have already aligned the day that dream took birth in your soul. Now, it is your duty and innate responsibility to make the dream come to its true fruition.

Doing some research in this space, around visualization and meditation, what I have come to learn is that, you never need to know the how before you start, as the how will eventually manifest itself in due time but the why and what is so critical to define.

Why are you chasing this goal or dream ? What would this mean when you finally reach it?

Defining that at a very nascent stage and being very clear about it is critical. From that point, the universe will get out of your way and will aid you to find your how with enough patience and hard work.Once your values and core beliefs are aligned with your why and what, just jump into taking the first step toward that goal. Then, take another step. You dont need to know more than that. Just do it. Keep moving forward. If you fall, pick yourself back up. Remember why you started and what you will miss out if you give up.

Giving up is not an option for dreams and achievers like us. We have worked way too hard to give up now. We have bled,we have given our sweat and we have given our fair share of tears.I am by no means telling you that the journey you are on is easy, but I will say it is so damn worth it.That smile on your face when you finally reach that goal is priceless. Its not the matter of if, you will reach that goal,but when.

So don't fret my darling. We are in this together and we will seize the day.