"The secret to getting ahead is getting started."
 - Mark Twain.

It doesn't matter what lofty goals we have if we don't take the first step towards it. It all starts with that first step. We may hold back to make that first step the most perfect step possible surrounding it with all the glitter and love,but most of the times that first step is not going to be beautiful. We will fail and that's okay. That's expected.It teaches us what we missed or failed to address. Failure is beautiful. That's where all the learning and improvement is. Success is just an outcome of a lot of failures which are corrected over time. Sometimes it is even hard to point the exact reason for success. But failure,on the other hand,teaches you patience,resilience and grace.It teaches you to stand back up even with a whisper. That is all you need.

Each day,if we give our absolute best,being the best version of ourselves without necessarily focusing on the outcome,we win.In the Bhagavad Gita,there is a chapter on work. It says,doing the work is our duty,the outcome is not.So,lets start today. Whatever may be the dream,even if it means the first phone call,the first mile on the treadmill,the first rep in the gym,the first sale,the first blog post,the first video,the first song,the first kiss or the first failure.

Life is all about having the right set of values and a good perspective. If we look at failure as something positive and learn from it. That is success. We have won.

There is no failure. There is only learning.